Bowtrol user reviews have been very positive and buyers of Bowtrol are now enjoying a very gentle yet very fast-acting and lasting colon cleanse.

Bowtrol, marketed by Healthbuy, is an herbal-based, natural colon-cleansing program that aims to remove built-up waste in the human intestines, eliminating the danger of toxicity and parasites. HealthBuy is a member of the Natural Product Association.

Bowtrol was designed to help people who are suffering from constipation and to maximize the robust health of the colon. Bowtrol aims to cleanse the large intestines without causing characteristically loose stool, a usual problem with other colon cleansers.

Bowtrol also claims to have found a way to remove the unwanted toxic waste in the colon without causing uncomfortable cramping. Cramping is a natural reaction of the large intestines; however, if cramping is severe it can cause disruptions in a person’s daily activities. Apart from cleansing the colon, Bowtrol has also been designed to help the lymph nodes in clearing the blood of waste.

Bowtrol does not only benefit the lymphatic system (20+ lymph nodes in all), but it also helps keep the kidneys and liver healthy. It is an all-around internal cleanser packed for convenience and easy absorption. Bowtrol works by introducing probiotics into the intestinal flora. Probiotics is a relatively young yet effective organic-based approach to colon cleansing, diet and general weight loss.

Bowtrol can be used by individuals suffering from both constipation and diarrhea. The program can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of the user. The bowel movement is regulated by Bowtrol by toning the activity of the involuntary, smooth muscle tissues that serve the gastrointestinal tract.

Bowtrol is not a cure for IBS or irritable bowel syndrome. Rather, it serves to lessen the symptoms caused by this condition. In this sense, the Bowtrol program performs a multi-functional role when used:

• Bowtrol improves the digestive process

• It acts as an anti-bacterial agent

• It lowers the cholesterol level

• It does not cause uncomfortable gas problems or bloating that is characteristic of other colon cleansing products

The following are just some of the ingredients (proprietary blend, 450 milligrams) included in the Bowtrol Colon Cleanser:

• Cascara sagrada- acts as an herbal laxative

• Turkey rhubarb- minimizes incidence of constipation

• Bentonite clay- mild laxative and can encapsulate and eject toxins

• Ulmus rubra- detoxifying agent

• Aloes- natural laxative agent

• Senna- help increase contractions of the smooth muscle tissues

• Wormseed- helps eliminate parasites without harming beneficial organisms in the intestines

• Black seeds- fiber source of the product